785 Fifth Avenue785 Fifth Avenue
Upper East Side Historic District

An apartment building designed by Richard Roth of Emery Roth and Sons and built in 1962-63. Application is to construct a terrace enclosure.

CB8 Hearing: 12/17/12 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing: 1/8/12 (Laid Over); 1/15/12 (Approved)

FRIENDS Testimony: The streamlined white brick modernism of 785 Fifth Avenue is enlivened by the ziggurat-like setbacks at its upper floors. The openness of these setbacks is a key design feature and the detrimental effects of terrace enclosures can be viewed in two instances on the East 60th Street fa├žade, both of which were installed before the designation of the Upper East Side Historic District. The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS found fault in using these pre-designation terrace enclosures as precedents for a new enclosure, which would continue a trend of inappropriate alterations to this building. We ask the Commission to deny this application.