103 East 75th Street – Upper East Side Historic District

A neo-Italian Renaissance style building originally designed by Lawlor & Haase and constructed in 1912-13. Application is for the replacement of windows.

CB8 Hearing — 3/18/19, Approved

LPC Hearing — 3/26/19, Approved

FRIENDS Testimony: FRIENDS is dismayed to be seeing yet another application to remove leaded windows from a residence in the Upper East Side Historic District. We find that the precedent of readily approved removal of this handsome and increasingly rare special window type to be troubling and fear that they will soon be entirely lost from the district. That being said, we understand the desire to unify the fenestration on this street-facing primary façade so FRIENDS hesitantly supports this application. While outside of the scope of this applications, FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee hopes that any future replacement windows will have configurations more sensitive to the building’s historic character. Similarly, if the building were to adopt a master plan, we would urge the building board to consider implementing a more historic fenestration pattern.

LPC Testimony