105 East 64th Street – Upper East Side Historic District 

Building designed by W.P. and A.M. Parsons and constructed in 1881-82 (present façade designed by Adams and Prentice and constructed in 1941). Application is for a new rooftop addition.

CB8 Hearing — 3/18/19, Approved

LPC Hearing — 3/26/19, Approved

FRIENDS Testimony: FRIENDS supports the alterations to the ground floor on the main façade of 105 East 64th Street. The rustication of the masonry and the new window and door enframements contribute to the newly restored hierarchy on this elevation and complement the character of this eclectic low-scale block. Unfortunately, FRIENDS Preservation Committee disapproves of the new penthouse addition. None of the neighboring rowhouses have occupiable rooftop additions so the visibility and excess glazing draw undue attention to the roofline of this building. We ask the Commission to deny this application and for the applicants to re-think the scale, visibility, and fenestration of any proposed rooftop addition.

LPC Testimony