33 East 93rd Street – Expanded Carnegie Hill Historic District

A Renaissance Revival style building designed by Gilbert A. Schellenger and constructed in 1889-1890. Application for a new, retractable canvas awning above the entrance door.

CB8 Hearing – 12/17/18 (Disapproved)
LPC Hearing – 1/8/19 (Disapproved)

FRIENDS Testimony: 

FRIENDS’ Preservation Committee disapproves of the scale and appearance of this proposed awning. The size, shape, and orange color are jarring against the brownstone base and would draw undue attention on this residential block that currently has no other awnings.

We understand that the owners are hoping to differentiate this 93rd Street entrance from the building’s main residential entrance around the corner on Madison Avenue, but we feel that the branding and place-making for the business could be more sensitively achieved with either a small bracket sign or plaque sign that would have less impact on the streetscape and better preserve the character of this south elevation.

LPC Hearing: