781 Fifth Avenue (The Sherry-Netherland)
Upper East Side Historic District

A neo-Romanesque and neo-Gothic style hotel building designed by Schultze & Weaver
with Buchman & Kahn and built in 1926-27.  Application is to replace storefronts and install signage.


CB8 Hearing: 11/13/17 (Approved)
LPC Hearing: 11/21/17 (Approved w/ modifications)

FRIENDS Testimony: The Preservation Committee at FRIENDS commends the applicant on the restorative work at this prominent building. In particular, the replacement of new Levanto marble spandrels on the 59th Street facade and the new granite sill at the base of the entire building will restore a missing sense of cohesion. The relocated door on the 59th Street facade will also rationalize the entrance on that side, and reduce visual clutter.

The applicant has also done a sensible job in sign placement given the irregular window pattern on the 59th Street facade. We understand the desire to make it known that the second floor is part of the retail space. However, we find the window decals to be slightly too large, especially when used on every window opening. FRIENDS support this application, and we believe it will enliven this notable corner, but we recommend the applicant work with staff to reduce the size of the Delvaux decals.

 LPC Presentation