Add a Bonus Session to our programs with an exciting visit to the Museum of the City of New York!
The Grid Program: Urban Planning in New York City

Building upon your sessions with FRIENDS, the Grid program will reinforce architectural concepts and explore how city planning—including zoning and land use—impacts the makeup of our city’s neighborhoods. Students will learn about the origins and evolution of Manhattan’s grid system and how it has changed over time. Afterwards, the group will construct a model neighborhood that is based on community needs and conforms to this 200-year-old plan.
90 minute session- $125

1. Schedule your program session dates with FRIENDS.
2. Contact the museum directly to add this bonus session.  If possible, it is best to schedule directly after your visits with FRIENDS.  Be sure to mention that you are working with us when you contact MCNY.

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd Street)
Call: 212-534-1672, ext. 3334