We love the teachers and students that we work with.  Apparently, the feeling is mutual!  Here is what our participating teachers have to say about our programs.  Also check us out in  Our Town and in a great article about a visit to Chapin.

“Being able to take a walking tour of the neighborhood really brought history to life and made it real for my students.  They could see the real places immigrants lived and worked.” (Yorkville Immigration)
-4th grade teacher

“I loved the program, especially the building of students’ vocabulary and the application of it to the real world!”
-3rd grade teacher

“Thank you for all of the wonderful experiences you’ve given to our students and teachers this year. The girls have acquired an appreciation for their immediate neighborhood because of your knowledge.”
Visual Arts coordinator

“I loved doing the scavenger hunt for architectural elements.  My students have been down these blocks hundreds of times but now they see them in a whole new way.”
-1st grade teacher

“Thank you for your incredible presentation at our school.  Your lessons, discussions, and models were perfectly leveled to our Class I boys.  It brought the neighborhood into the classroom.  Our study was greatly enhanced though your guidance and wealth of information!  I hope to be able to schedule you again in the future…and to recommend you and your organization to others.”
-1st grade teacher

My students have been learning what it means to be a ‘city kid’.  Part of this is knowing and recognizing what is around us!
-2nd grade teacher

Thank you for the amazing program- my class really enjoyed their time and we definitely want to participate next year.  It was fabulous how your program fit into our social studies curriculum, and I wish we could add MORE sessions!
-2nd grade teacher

What a wonderful resource you all are! This added depth and meaning to our study of Yorkville.  The program was wonderfully managed too!
-1st/2nd grade teacher

The program created an architectural and artistic link as students learned about local architecture and the importance of preservation.
-2nd grade teacher