**Sample letter of support for the DOB to reopen the determination on 180 East 88th Street**

Rick Chandler, Commissioner
Department of Buildings
280 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

Re: 180 East 88th Street, BIN 1048054, Manhattan Block 1516, Lot 37

Dear Commissioner Chandler,

As developers in New York City build taller and taller each day, our city’s neighborhoods are at risk. While Midtown’s new superscrapers are beginning to dominate the skyline, the Upper East Side is also under the threat of unrestrained development. The project at 180 East 88th Street, slated to become the tallest building north of 72nd Street, will not only overwhelm our neighborhood, but will allow for a developer to circumvent the Zoning Resolution if the Department of Building’s determination is not re-opened. Our city’s Zoning Resolution was created to guide responsible development, but if left unchecked, could allow for other superscraper projects to dictate our city’s streetscape. Towers like 180 East 88th Street are out-of-context with the surrounding low-rise buildings that fill the Upper East Side. We urge the Department of Buildings to re-open the determination on 180 East 88th Street so that such exploitative development cannot occur.


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